Exhibition Booth Design

Wow Exhibit being one of the leading trade show company, we provide a one-stop complete solution of exhibition booth design and build. We specialize in booth design services for more than 9 years and we are highly experienced in it.

Wow Exhibit is definitely a trustworthy exhibition partner where you can take your shoes off, sit back and relax for the rest of the days. We will discuss with you from time to time, gather all the important information as many as possible. We listen to your requirements. With all the minor and major ideas in mind, we use our expertise to ideate, design and build your product to meet your highest expectations.

what we cover

Passion is Energy. Wow Exhibit Solution Will Be the Place Where Your Ideas Take Off.

Exhibition Booth Design

We plan the whole execution of booth design and determine the proper use of materials to ensure an exceptionally good exhibition has been delivered.

Exhibition Booth Fabrication

Wow Exhibit Solution is renowned for specializing in handling the fabrication and construction of functional exhibition booths and platforms.

Graphic Design

To ensure every client has a unique exhibition booth, Wow Exhibit is good at creating different graphic designs to show stories behind each product.

Graphic Printing

Besides, we prioritize the quality of every graphic printing as we know the printing techniques and materials used can strongly affect the appearance.

Electrical Services

To reduce your stress in setting up exhibition booth, Wow Exhibit Solution will prepare enough and adequate electrical services such as extensions, lighting system.

Audio Visual Services

To give audiences a more exclusive booth experience, audio visual aspect is needed to be paid attention so audience can understand more about the contents.
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Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in the one-stop service provided by Wow Exhibit Solution?
One-stop service offered by Wow Exhibit Solution ranges from discussing with clients, concepting, planning, venue sourcing, materials choosing, printing, booth preparation and booth set-up to booth close-up. All the MCs, PA system and other electrical appliances needed will be got ready by Wow Exhibit Solution.
Is the graphic design of exhibition booth customizable? Can we prepare the design by our own?
Yes, the graphic design is free to change and is customizable. Clients can prepare their own design and Wow Exhibit will help to print and prepare. Otherwise, Wow Exhibit will help to cover the graphic design for clients.
What kinds of electrical appliances and audio visual services will be provided by Wow Exhibit Solution?
To create a fancy booth experience, Wow Exhibit Solution will be providing professional audio system, intelligent/ conventional lighting system, LED screen panel, ambience lighting system, projection, LCD monitors, stages and so on.
To Bring Out Your Company’s Presentation of Perfection, Wow Exhibit is Your First Choice.